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It’s not every day you find a spice mixture that includes only fresh herbs and ingredients and not only complies with The One Line Rule, but gives you a fix of vitamin E, potassium, iron, magnesium and even calcium as well. We couldn’t not talk about this incredible product. What began as a cherished family recipe has now been lovingly shared with the world, and we are very grateful for it! We talked to Souk Spice founder Muhammad, and found out the interesting story of how and why Souk Spice was established.

Where did the idea for Souk Spice come from?
Souk Spice is our Dad’s recipe. Dad grew up with spices, and he made his own concoction over many years until he perfected it. Since then it has become a staple in the household. For over 30 years the family has been adding it to each nightly meal. The guess work of what to add or how much to add had now been taken out of the equation.  Everyone who’s ever eaten with us has commented on how great the spices are.

What was the driving factor for establishing Souk Spice?
One day while our Dad was on an extended overseas trip, we ran out of ‘Dad’s Mixed Spices!’ He must have heard the screams a world away!
We basically tried to mix and match what ever we could find in the pantry and bought a multitude of other mixed blends and combined them…but nothing matched the taste or freshness we had come to expect.  We waited until Dad got home, sat down and wrote down every detail.
At this stage it started to evolve. We wondered just how beneficial this spice mix could really be? Could something that tastes so good – be a health product as well? Curiosity got the better of us- so samples were sent to a lab to see just how possibly beneficial this blend could be.
Each test scored a positive reading, from Vitamin E and beta-carotene to Potassium, Iron, Magnesium and even Calcium.

What makes the spice mixture better than others?
The Souk Spice blend is as pure as it comes. We use 18 herbs and spices-that’s’ it. This means it contains no added salt, onion or garlic powder or other fillers. The addition of onion or garlic powders are sometimes also preserved with salt which are used in the industry to act as fillers (filling up the contents with cheap and unhealthy ingredients that do nothing else but harm the body).
Souk Spice is preservative, sugar and colour free. No fat. No saturated fat. No trans fat. No mono-unsaturated fat. No poly-unsaturated fat. Made in Australia and Australian owned.

Does it have any health benefits?
The health benefits of Souk Spice works on two levels. It makes home cooking fun. Encouraging the home cook to experiment with new dishes. The only factor to work out is how much or how little of Souk Spice do I want to use? The other benefit is that it’s simply good for you-it’s a Superfood. Spices are an antioxidant. Each and every one of the 18 spices contains its own unique job on the human body. Packed full of minerals, spices are anti-bacterial, they increase immunity and can act as a carminative.

How is the product made?
Small batches. That is the key with us here at Souk Spice. The batches are blended by hand using fresh ingredients and promptly sealed.  We concentrate on blending our batches and getting them to market.
Our aim is to keep our satisfied customers happy – freshness is key for us, its what differentiates Souk Spice from the rest. The greatest joy is receiving an email telling us just how aromatic and fresh the blend is-this will never change.
No compromises’.

What is your vision for the future of Souk Spice?
We’d love for people to love the blend as much as we do.  We love to hear about people’s recipes and we hope it brings people together over meals, sharing good times together and getting back into healthy home cooking.

What does being healthy mean to you?
It simply means eating well to keep well.  Knowing what is in the food you consume. We spent our youth in the kitchen –this is where it all began. Coming home from school and learning the joys of cooking. Watching the food being created with Mum affected us in two positive ways. The joy of eating! And also the unity it brings. We have never had the feeling of ‘ohh no…now we have to cook’.
Learning a life long skill with the help of the Souk Spice blend enables the home novice to create beautifully tasty meals.

For more information on the Souk Spice blend visit their webpage here: www.soukspice.com.au

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