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Emma before and after giving up sugar

Emma before and after giving up sugar

The One Line Rule is the brainchild of Emma Dumas, CEO of Bodsquad Australia and founder of The Muesli. After giving up sugar over a decade ago, Emma has been on a mission to educate people about the dangers of sugar and provide a simple approach to eating amongst the confusion and misinformation.

“World health is in crisis and I believe that this is largely caused by the food we eat.  I created The One Line Rule in the hope that it could help.  Despite the many and varied claims on food packaging, there’s a recurring pattern, the majority come with a not-so-healthy hit of sugar.  If we start by identifying and reducing the sugar in our diet, it has to make a difference”  Emma Dumas

To learn more about Emma and The Muesli, visit themuesli.com.au.





The One Line Rule is

  • simple.
  • not a Diet – it’s an awareness – #BeSugarConscious.
  • up to you.
  • a tool that anybody who can read, can use!  (Though glasses can often be necessary!)
  • The One Line Rule doesn’t cost a cent.

The One Line Rule although not completely fail-safe goes a long way to simply making people conscious of just how much sugar any food in a packet contains.

We need a simple RULE to follow – something that we can do ourselves, to see for ourselves, without the influence of advertising or information meant to confuse us.

No counting calories or terror about fat (do avoid seed & vegetable oils), no shakes, supplements, meal replacements or home delivered meals in boxes – just a conscious effort to cut out that insidious, addictive ingredient – that your body doesn’t need and 50% of which (the fructose part) is wreaking havoc within it!

And the best part, it’s not costing you a cent.